It took a while, but since a few days our sheep are finally walking in the meadow. Poppet (the brown sheep) comes from England. Rosy and Suzy come from Pre and Pail (20 minutes away from us). It was all in all a big adventure to get them here (especially Poppet). We borrowed a van from friends. We drove to Dieppe, caught the ferry to Newhaven. And in Sussex Poppet was waiting on the farm. The next day we drove back (after all the paperwork), now via Dover (to Calais). The trip went fine, except for some delays in the port and bad weather (snow) in France. The day after we came home, we picked up Rosy and Suzy. Also with an English touch, because the farmer where we bought them is also English (like many here in the area). Poppet, Rosy and Suzy are completely happy with each other! When Poppet discovered that there were suddenly two ladies in the field, he really made several leaps of joy, so sweet! They are happy, and so are we!