Welcome at “La Maison des Druides”

Welcome! We, Peter and Sylvie, welcome you at “La Maison des Druïdes” to share our dream with you. Whether you want to come for peace and quiet, or for an active holiday, everything is possible!

We have 2 apartments (gites, with private terrace), a workshop room and a large garden with sheep and chickens.

We offer something for everyone. Think of a variety of workshops, walks, etc. Of course you are also welcome if you want to organize a group holiday or workshop week yourself. Look for “Workshop space” for this option.


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La Maison des Druïdes has 2 beautiful gîtes. Do you want to know more about our gîtes?

Prices Gites and Camping

Prices Gites and Camping

Prices Gite “Les Hirondelles” (4-6 persons) 2020 6 January – 31 May: € 85 per night (minimum stay 2 nights) 1 June – 30 June: € 110 per night (minimum stay 2 nights) 1 July – 31 August: € 110

Workshop space

Workshop space

We have a beautiful workshop space for up to 15 people. We regularly give workshops about druidism, shamanism, magic cooking, biodanza etc. If you would like to give workshops yourself, then of course we offer this possibility! For more information,

Garden and animals

Garden and animals

We have a large enclosed garden. The garden is very suitable for playing or resting.

Activities on and around La Maison des Druides

We offer you an oasis of tranquility, where you can also choose activities such as walking with the druid in the Foret d’Ecouves or the Foret des Andaines, magical cooking with herbs from the forest, biodanza (free dance form), painting workshops (for beginners, advanced and children), drum circles etc.

You can also contact us for retreat weeks, where you will be pampered with massages and healing, meditations and enjoy healthy food, to really come to your true core.

Throughout the year there are festivals, horse races for lovers, music, markets with regional delicacies. The Norman cuisine is famous for its cheeses and cider. We were amazed when we discovered “Norman Switzerland”, a rocky piece of land with steep “mountain walls” and climbing opportunities and the romantic spa town of Bagnoles de L’Orne.

There is so much to do here, whether you seek peace and nature, love history and culture or want to go on adventures with small or big children, there is something for everyone and our house is right in the middle of everything , surrounded by space, peace and conviviality.

Who are we


We are Sylvie Charlier and Peter van Doorn. We are married and have 3 beautiful daughters. Peter was a pulmonary function technician, and Sylvie is a reflexzone / massage therapist. In addition, we are very interested in druidism and shamanism. We are born franco- and anglophiles.

We are the proud owners of an 18-century farmhouse that has been converted into two apartments and guest rooms. When we first came here in the middle of winter 2017 we were immediately in love, both in the field and on the house. It was magical: lovely landscapes, vast forests, lakes, rivers with brave canoeists, cozy artists' villages, dolmens, Celtic settlements, museums, castles, even a cathedral ... and it was only winter!

Of course we have visited several houses, but we always came back to this house. It feels good. We have changed the name to our wishes: "La Maison des Druides". This corresponds to who we are. We are here at home.

We hope to meet you at our home.

Sylvie en Peter /|\