The Carrouges castle was built between the 14th and the 17th century. It lies on the edge of Maine in Normandy, in the heart of the Normandy-Maine Regional Nature Park. It has an elegant gate building from the Renaissance.

The beautiful castle, built of brick, granite and slate, is surrounded by canals. It offers luxurious apartments with a Renaissance and classic décor. You can visit the Louis XI room, exactly where the king stayed in 1473, as well as the dining room and the monumental fireplace, the portraits and the paintings that the former owners of the castle, the kitchen and the collection of copper pots, or the beautiful staircase of honor.

Around the castle is a beautiful park of ten hectares, with gardens, bushes and an orchard and beautiful wrought iron gates (17th century).

There are several events throughout the year, including: candlelit visits on Friday nights in the summer season, concerts, exhibitions, children’s entertainment etc.

Le château de Carrougese