La Maison des Druides is located in the heart of the Orne. Orne is the ideal landscape for hikers and nature lovers, while further south, the valley of the Orne rock faces and peaks are popular with mountaineers. Orne is also the equestrian center of Normandy.

Orne is the most southern department of Normandy and has a population of only 300,000. Orne is bordered to the north by Calvados and Eure, in the east by Eure-et-Loir, in the south by Mayenne and Sarthe, and in the west by Manche. The capital is Alençon. The Orne department is named after the river of the same name.

The Orne department is still largely undiscovered by tourism. La Suisse Normande is perhaps the most hidden place between the rivers Noireau and Orne. This area is ideal for hiking enthusiasts and forms a surprising mountain backdrop with deeply cut valleys and brisk slopes, creeks and wild water.

There is so much to see, do and discover in this beautiful region ….. Too much to mention in this site. Some notable, well-known, places:

La Maison des Druides