The cuisine of Normandy is world famous. The recipes are often very simple and make this food a treat. The region is best known for its fish, seafood, milk, cheese (or rather: cheeses!), Cider, calvados etc. Dishes with the name ‘Normande’ (Norman) are solid dishes where there with cream or a lump of salted butter. On this page you will find Norman recipes that we have made ourselves, and which we serve to our guests (table d’hote). Note: these are vegetarian dishes, or with fish!

Camembert in the oven:

Last night we made this delicious recipe. It’s very simple to make!

Buy Camembert AOC in a wooden box and remove the packaging. Put it back in the box. Make a few notches and fill them with a few sprigs of rosemary and a dash of Calvados. Place it in a warm oven (200 degrees) for eight minutes. Serve with either baked potatoes or baguette, a green salad and a glass of dry cider. You can eat it as a kind of cheese fondue.