This park is a wonderful area for every nature lover. In the vicinity you will find various castles, museums and historic towns such as Sillé-le-Guillaume and Beaumont-sur-Sarthe.

In the park you will find many riches. There are rare animal species, and also remarkable landscapes such as heather with heather, peat and lime hills.

The park starts at La Manche in Mortain and continues towards Donfrontais and Bas-Maine.

The big difference with the Regional Natural Park of the Marshes of Cotentin and Bessin is that 25% of the area is covered with forest and forest. Like the forest of Mortain that stretches on the domain of the Park Normandie-Maine.

Some notable sites within Parc Naturel Régional Normandie-Maine:

La Fosse Arthour
This is a gap of 70 meters deep. It owes its fame to the ferocious character and beauty of the place. It is an ideal place to go hiking but also to climb. The site is also related to numerous legends. One legend was the tale that a king and his wife had to live separately, each in a cave on each side of the river. He was only allowed to visit her after sunset, but one day she broke this rule. He was dragged into the abyss and his queen jumped desperately after him.

La cascade de Mortain
Le Grande cascade de Mortain is one of the few waterfalls in the Normandy region. The water of the Cance falls 20 meters lower on the sandstone rocks. There is a dense vegetation. The smaller waterfall lies in the shade amidst the greenery and is an ideal hiking spot. It was excavated by the Cançon, a tributary of the Cance, and by the construction of stairs one can easily walk the gorge. The fresh scent, the gentle sound of running water, the singing of the birds and the beautiful surroundings make these waterfalls an unmissable hiking spot in Normandy.

Parc Naturel Régional Normandie-Maine